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Graphic Designer Portfolio

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My name is Scott Greer and I have been a professional graphic designer for 20 years.  The scrolling images above reveal a small taste of the work I've been involved in and the experience I've developed in that time.

Everything from Business Owner, Signage, Web Design, Vehicle Graphics, Print Media, CAD Drawings, Advertising, Installation, Logo Designs, Sales, Custom Work and more.

I currently split my time working for Verizon to help set blocks up in the New York area with FIOS.  I take photos, measurements and even contact people of the locations still in need.  I then draw them up on the computer in CAD formats.  The installers then use that information and are able to finally help these blocks get access to FIOS.

I also work as a freelance graphic designer, focusing mostly on book cover designs.  As a writer myself, looking to publish my own first novel, I recently became interested in book covers which helped in the creation of this site.  Helping other young authors is a great feeling and a quality book cover is proven to help it sell.

Below is a full gallery of my work, a link to my former business which I helped create and was partner of for a decade and my official resume.

Please E-Mail me at and ask for Scott with any Questions.  I can also be reached at 516-528-1749.

Full Resume

Scott Greer

68 Rita Drive

East Meadow, NY  11554           

Phone: 516-528-1749




Highly collaborative and results oriented graphic designer with over 15 years of experience designing and producing diverse marketing, sales and presentation materials. Talented in the conceptualization and production of engaging and innovative products to meet client needs. Adept in building strong client relationships.  Accustomed to performing in a deadline driving environment with emphasis on working within budget requirements.




Communication Skills                                                 

Operations Management

Client Consultative skills                                            

Sales Skills      


Project Management

Digital and traditional photography                          

Negotiation Skills

Time Management                                                    

Web development

Graphic and Signage Installations                              

Marketing and Branding Skills           





Signtific Signs & Graphics, East Meadow, NY

Principal Owner                                                                                             

2008 - 2016

  • Founded and managed a full service print and web design agency

  • Develops, designs and presents proposals for projects ranging from website design, marketing promotional collateral, advertising and signage

  • Consulted with clients to develop custom advertising and marketing material

  • Repositioned and developed new branding for Hofstra University including marketing materials, campus signage, and merchandise logos

  • Responsible for sustaining client relationships as well as new business development.

  • Accountable for invoicing and accounts receivable and payable actions for the firm.


Clients include:  Hofstra University, Chase Bank, Allstate Insurance, Marino's Italian Ice, local school districts, townships and car dealerships including Infiniti, Jaguar, Toyota, Nissan, Volvo, Kia, Buick, Saab and dozens of small businesses and restaurants, East Meadow, NY

Freelance Graphic Designer

2016 - Present

  • Specializing in freelance book cover designs for new and established authors.

  • Nearing publication of first written novel titled "Red Tide".

Telecom Planning Corporation, East Islip, NY

Right of Way Agent

2015 – Present

  • Negotiated with property owners, real estate companies and public officials to secure right-of-way for Verizon Phone lines, trenches, and other construction projects.

  • Responsible for spreadsheets and paperwork to help organize the different blocks in need of service upgrades.

  • Traveled to all parts of New York City for meetings with property owners utilizing my navigational and time management skills.

  • Conducted research for Fiber Optic Cable Installations across a wide array of different properties and facilities.



Federal Express, Garden City, NY

Courier / Handler

2006 - Present

  • Over 10 years’ experience in managing pick-ups, deliveries and the handling of both inbound and outbound freight.

  • Established ability to work in a fast paced, customer oriented environment.

  • Able to work efficiently with minimal supervision

  • Oversee shipping related activities and train new employees on proper Fed Ex procedures to help ensure a safe work environment.



Greer Design, East Meadow, NY

Signage Assistant                                                                                           

1998 – 2008

  • Consulted with diverse clientele to determine their business goals

  • Translated client needs into design options including signage, advertising & more.

  • Undertook site surveys and permitting to ensure implementation of final product

  • Responsible for the presentation of renderings to clients of potential signage and

      marketing material.




AS Graphic Design, New York institute of Technology, Westbury, NY

BA Graphic Design, Expected 2016




Applications:  Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, In-Design, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Office (Powerpoint, Excel), FlexiSign-Pro, Maya, 3d-Max, Scrivener, Flash and General Web Design Including SEO Optimization and Social Media Promotion.

Hofstra Sign as a Child

I have been studying the art of Graphic Design since I was as child.  This photo shows me working on the Hofstra University Scoreboard for the Football Field.  I was also a student at Hofstra and created signage across campus.

Signtific Business Card

After graduating college, I started this business with my partner Nick and ran the company for a decade.  It is still in operation today and has done work for Hofstra, Chase Bank, Nissan, Ford, Kia, Volvo and much more.  Visit for more information.

Verizon FIOS CAD Drawing

In addition to graphic design work, I have spent several years helping Verizon FIOS get set up throughout all of New York City with detailed CAD drawings.  The drawings and measurements are a key step in Verizon's mission to improve their available service cables for all of New York.

Red Tide Book Cover

I have also written a novel which is still in the process of finalizing.  What began as a hobby has slowly grown into my new passion.  Writing and book cover designs are enjoyable and bring two of my greatest skills together.  I now offer custom and pre-made cover designs while I work on writing my own novels.

Please scroll down below through a gallery of some of my favorite Graphic Design work I have completed over more than 25 years in a wide variety of categories & formats.

Everything from Signage, Custom & Pre-Made Book Covers, Web Design, Vehicle Graphics, Print Media, CAD Drawings for Verizon FIOS, Advertising, Installation, Logo Designs, Sales, Custom Projects and more.

Hofstra University

I have done a wide variety of projects and helped it grow into one of the most popular Universities in the New York Area.  It has even been the host for U.S. Presidential Debates.  Below is a grouping of some of the most notable jobs I was apart of over the years.

Each of these jobs was done throughout my life as a graphic designer.  They helped me learn different aspects of the design world and continued to build Hofstra into one of the best Universities in the New York City Area.

Logo Design

These are just some of my favorite logo's I designed.  They range from businesses to restaurants, schools and even a couple of our own logo's for Happy Food w/ Dana and

Raised Letters & Panels

Signage with Raised Letters and Layered Panels helps gives an extra dimension to the design and stand out among the rest of the competition.  Whether with gold letters, digital graphics, metal panels and more, each design was different.