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Bill Greer

"Art" is a small word encompassing a huge array of human expressionism.  I personally prefer realistic painting & drawing (hard edges & all, as our world really is) and the challenges of depicting reality thru the manipulations of values and intensities of colors, lights and shadows to portray ( and possibly enhance) our impressions of what we see.

Cameras, as magnificent & ubiquitous as they are today, still require being in exactly the right place at exactly the right instant with the proper sunlight, weather conditions, etc., to catch the desired image.   We hand sketchers & painters have many more options available to us, all at our control.


We can depict what we see or use our imagination, and even use a plethora of existing images as reference material.  It is the learning, the study, the practice & the satisfaction of the use and manipulation of all these components that lead to us to enjoyment.

Art critics are often unfulfilled or frustrated artists themselves.  Rather than work to develop their own capabilities, many often revert to judging others.  Create art for yourself, not for anyone else.

All professional athletes are incredibly talented & have worked hard or they wouldn't have been able to become professionals.  But the superstars becomes so by pushing themselves to improve far beyond what their mega-contracts require.

Yet age will catch up to all of them.

Art is one of the few things in life where you can get better as you get older.  It can provide life long satisfaction & enjoyment without depending on physical capabilities.

I think a painting should tell a story.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes, i personally think they should be descriptive & interesting "words," not just chaotic splashes of color.  I am still trying to figure out what artists like Picasso & Jackson Pollock are trying to say... but that's just me.

Bill Greer

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